Neemanim’s Goals

Members of Neemanim seek to ensure the care of their sons and daughters when they themselves will be unable to fulfill this role themselves. The organization aims to offer support, assistance, guidance and supervision to people with special needs, and to ensure a high quality of life. The organization operates through moneys deposited in the investor’s own name, earmarked for his family member with special needs, and used according to his requests, all the time maintaining his financial interests.

What distinguishes Neemanim from all other mutual funds and trusts is that Neemanim works to provide support, assistance, guidance and supervision, in addition to the financial aspect. Neemanim is also unique in that it enables the deposit and the use of funds during the parents’ lifetimes.

How Does the Organization Operate?

Neemanim operates though its members depositing funds and providing guidance on their preferred use of the money for their son/daughter with special needs. Where possible, they are encouraged to participate in the allocation of funds. Individuals with special needs can deposit money themselves, and receive assistance from the association. The organization is responsible for implementing guidelines for depositors and for monitoring their implementation.

Examples of Parents Requests:

• Maintaining contact with their son or daughter with special needs

• Maintaining medical integrity

• Preservation of social or artistic activities

• Financial management support for their guardian

If you are interested in joining the association and ensuring the future quality of life for a family member with special needs please contact:

Dr. Meir Hovav (Chirman)

052 8390556


Ms. Lily Bracha

054 6315667